With over a decade of experience working across industries, for both SMEs and multi-billion pound businesses - specialising in audit, risk management and process improvement - I have the ability to understand businesses and their processes quickly in order to give valuable recommendations which suit their strategic objectives and culture.


My passion for sustainability, in particular social value, has grown over the last five years as evidenced in the voluntary roles I current hold:

- Committee Chair for Liverpool SOUP, since January 2019

- Non-Exec Director & Trustee for Sefton Park Palm House, since October 2021

- Non-Exec Director for Kindred LCR, since October 2021

I've completed training with B Lab UK, the University of Cambridge's Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Social Value UK. I also collaborate with peers to deliver larger pieces of work.

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If you'd like to learn more about the work I do or think there could be an opportunity for us to work together drop me an email so we can arrange a chat.

My Values

Accountability &


I work in sustainability because I want to make it as easy as possible for businesses to make decisions that consider social and environmental factors as well as profit. This isn't a simple task, but it is more effective and efficient to drive positive change when everyone is clear on what needs to be achieved and accepts their role in the bigger picture.


I'm here to be a critical friend, not to be judgemental. I believe that we get the most out of our stakeholders when we take the time to understand their perspective and work with them. No one gets it right every time so being able to acknowledge mistakes and learn how to grow because of them is an important step to success.

Challenge &


In order to live in a more fair and equitable world we need to speak up and have the courage to challenge practices which undermine the 'greater good'. We also need to take the time to champion those who are leading the way so they know that they're seen and are able to inspire the actions of others.

No Bullshit

The only way to continuous development is through being honest about what you know and where you need to spend the time furthering your understanding. 

No bullshit means you'll always know were you stand regarding to the quality of work I'll deliver and by when.