It's really difficult to know where to start when it comes to sustainability - it's hard to tell what to prioritise and none of us want to get it wrong.

I can demystify the topic of sustainability for you and develop an approach that complements your values and operations. This might mean aligning to an established framework, or if you're just keen to get the ball rolling and improve year-on-year we can focus on a few key sustainability objectives.

Depending on the size of your business and how much resource you have to invest in improving your approach to sustainability I'll adapt the following methodology. This method puts as much focus on the embedding and continued governance of your sustainability framework (or objectives) as it does defining them, which ensures that your approach will become an effective tool to get your stakeholders on the same page and help you to drive constructive change.

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I'll work with you to understand which sustainability framework is most suitable for you, this could be BCorp Certification, aligning to the UN Sustainable Development Goals or tailoring a strategy specific to your values and operations.

What gets measured gets done. By working with you to establish what data you currently have access to and where complementary data can be sourced we can build a relevant and reliable set of key performance indicators (KPIs).

When it comes to sustainability we need to be ambitious but we also need to be realistic. Once we've established suitable KPIs it's important for us to also develop and embed a consistent way of tracking progress against them so you can be clear on what good looks like and when you need to be upping your game.

Only by holding each other accountable can we have valuable debates around where we can and should be doing better. That's why I advocate for clear, transparent and regular reporting.  I can support you to design and embed a reporting process which ensures data is provided to the appropriate people at a suitable level of detail.

The information available to us about sustainability changes on a daily basis, and our businesses also adapt based on challenges and demand, which is why I advise designing a process which encourages continuous development and improvement. This ensures that your sustainability approach stays relevant and effective.

If you'd like to adopt a more sustainable approach for your business drop me a email to arrange a no obligation 30 min consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.