Why Report Your Impact?

Measuring and reporting your impact in a clear and consistent way enables to you to:

Be transparent and

lead by example

Hold yourself accountable and monitor progress year-on-year

Take credit for the

progress you've made

Attract likeminded employees, customers and investors

We can help you with your impact reporting in a number of ways...

If you are considering impact reporting for your business and would like to learn more:

  • You can join one of our Impact Reporting Workshops, these consist of two 1 hour online sessions including examples of best practice. These sessions are limited to 12 people so there'll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

  • Alternatively, we can deliver the workshop in one 2 hour session for you and your team (in person or online).

Whereas if you're keen to start impact reporting as soon as possible we can help you to:

  • Develop a range of social impact metrics using workshops, surveys and interviews to gather a balance of qualitative and quantitive data which will give a complete picture of the social impact you're generating. We'll also give advice on how to embed these measures so you can use them consistently year after after.

  • Design and publish a 'full' impact report. This would typically capture both your social and environmental impact, or you may decide to go one step further and integrate your social and environmental impact into your annual report alongside your financial reporting.

If you'd like to discuss how we can support you with your

impact reporting drop us an email.