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Whether you're big or small, BCorp is a certification that examines your impact from a stakeholder perspective.


Because all BCorp applications are evaluated and verified by the B Lab Standards team your customers, employees and investors can take comfort that you're taking your commitment to people and planet seriously.


In order to certify, you'll need to score 80 or over in the B Impact Assessment (BIA) after it's been verified by B Lab's Standards team and, once certified, the breakdown of your score will be publicly available via the BCorp Directory.

Recent research shows that B Corps out-perform their UK peers across several business metrics. Compared to data from surveys of UK SMEs, it was found that B Corp SMEs have, on average:

  • Faster growth in turnover and employee headcount and higher expectations about future growth.

  • Greater levels of employee retention, engagement and diversity.

  • The same likelihood of success at securing external finance.

  • Higher levels of innovation.

When you become a BCorp you're also welcomed into a community of likeminded businesses who are keen to collaborate and share knowledge to amplify the impact of business as a force for good.

So what's stopping you from coming BCorp certified, just like these well respected brands?...

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We can help you with your BCorp certification in a number of ways.

If you prefer the 'light touch' we can:

  • Talk you through the process.

  • Give you comfort that you've selected the right options, so you've unlocked all the BIA questions that are relevant to your business.

  • Perform a Critical Friend Review once you've completed the BIA yourself and give you advice when we spot any points that you could have claimed.

  • Answer any questions as you go through the Evaluation and Verification stages.

On the other hand, we can complete the BIA on your behalf and support you to design any new processes which you're keen to implement and embed to further increase your impact.

If you're thinking about becoming BCorp certified drop us an email and

we'll create a package that best suits your needs.